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What is a Vocation?

A vocation is a response to God when a young person discovers they are called to the vocation of Marriage or Priesthood or Religious Life.

It varies in length for each individual, but leads each person to his or her own peace - to the place where, through prayer and discernment, they rely on Christ leading them to the vocation which will bring about the most holiness.

In this process the young person seeks God's will by allowing him to show them which vocation it is. Unless both marriage and religious life are reflected on, God's will is not sought in its fullness.

The vocation cannot be understood from a distance. Most young men say they aren't called to be a priest and yet they have never visited a monastery or experienced Diocesan priesthood. When Jesus called the apostles he said, "Come after me," and " Follow me." That meant we must search out our vocation in life.


You must pray so that God will reveal it to you! And not just two minutes but something like praying a rosary or half an hour of adoration in front of Christ. Being in the state of grace by going to confession will be necessary as well.


Seek counsel to ask advices. When people judge on their own, very often they are deceived. Speak with a holy priest or brother about some questions you have.


Go and see! If you are discerning marriage, be around holy couples! If you are discerning priesthood, visit a Diocesan priest or Religious monk and be with them.


Fourth, develop the virtues of patience and perseverance. Patiently wait on what God wants to show you. Some people expect answers quickly; it may happen but God usually goes slowly. He also wants you to persevere! That way he walks you through life, and in your faithfulness you come through a stronger person.