This website is inspired by the journey of Fr. Pierre-Jean DeSmet, the first Catholic priest to evangelize the wild west of America. His faith in God allowed him to stand boldly and bravely. He was one of the first missionaries to bring the Catholic faith to the native Americans. Today we need men with this same courageous spirit.

Modern culture and media have negatively influenced the mindset of many men today. This makes it difficult to discern the "truth". That truth which is found in Christ and in His Church.

Men, it is time to step up and be heard. It has been the general trend for men to be quiet on issues of faith and morals. Today's families need men to stand up for God's truth and His Church. What do "I" as a man stand for and why? What defines me and how do I act? How do I combat the temptations and atrocities of today's world? These questions and many more will be answered here.